About & CV

I’m a writer who works on a range of topics. I stoke a passion for things including words, mythology, psychology, photography, spiritual practice, yoga and qigong, natural health, animals, individual and global transformation, travel, architecture, food, and film.

I believe that dominant societies have been sick for a long time, and that we’re living at a crucial tipping point where we actually have the capacity to start turning ourselves around.

Throughout the pandemic, both daily meditation and a range of great thinkers inspired me to start writing in new ways about what’s happening in the world and how we can fix it.

While I’ve focused on copywriting for the last 20 years, I’m finding myself shifting more toward essays, and am currently writing an article about how opening our eyes to our collective anxiety can help us pull our civilization out of the quicksand.

Most of my writing has been for social-change companies like the Crisis Prevention Institute (nonviolence and conflict resolution) and The Shift Network (personal and global transformation), but you can check out some of my own blog posts, articles on other sites, and fiction writing by clicking the links on this site.

I’ve been worried about, horrified by, and moved by humanity throughout my life. I’ve triumphed through immense health and family challenges, and what I’ve learned through my work and my growth is that we each have more capacity for positive change than we think.

My creative intention is always to use the beauty and power of language to help broaden, deepen, and uplift our consciousness.

Curriculum Vitae

The censorship on LinkedIn appalled me, so I deleted my account and my online CV is now here.

Erin Harris Creative​

Owner/Copywriter/Editor, March 2017 – present

I help mind-body-spirit, transformational education, and social-change companies make more impact, get more clicks, and achieve more success. Services include website copy, articles, sales pages, PPC landing pages, SEO writing, blog management, email sequences, eBooks, ads, ghostwriting, scripts, etc. I also offer copyediting, developmental editing, coaching for writers, website reviews, and direction for video post-production.

I also write articles on a range of topics, and create videos about how to be a productive writer and how to proofread and copyedit books.

C​risis Prevention Institute

​Senior Copywriter/Editor, March 2015 – March 2017

I worked with a brilliant team to promote how CPI helps people resolve conflict nonviolently. It was serious business, so I made sure our content was friendly, relatable, helpful, inspiring, and in depth. Here’s how I did it:

  • Wrote, edited, and proofread content for crisisprevention.com 
  • Managed the editorial calendar, design, writing, and proofing of CPI’s blog and newsletters 
  • Researched and wrote articles, nurturing emails, case studies, eBooks, pages for search and PPC campaigns, etc. 
  • Managed the collection and publication of customer testimonials 
  • Edited and coached fellow writers, from staffers to guest bloggers

C​risis Prevention Institute

​Copywriter/Editor, June 2012 – March 2015

Focused on making content as eye-opening and engaging as possible, I wrote and edited blog posts, articles, eBooks, press releases, landing pages, eNewsletters, print publications, and content for SEO, PPC, and email campaigns.

C​risis Prevention Institute

​Proofreader, March 2010 – June 2012

Edited and proofread training manuals and marketing materials for web and print.

Volunteer Food Writer

Writer/Editor, September 2009 – September 2011 

Volunteered as a food writer for WMSE 91.7 FM. Interviewed restaurant owners and wrote a promotional food blog highlighting contributors to MSE’s annual Food Slam fundraiser. Also took photos and shot video for the blog.

Freelancer​/Independent Contractor

Writer/Editor, January 2003 – September 2012

Freelanced in various roles such as copywriter, copyeditor, ​project manager, and film reviewer for companies including Random House, Kensington Books, F+W Media, MKE, Stone Creek Coffee, and ISACA.


Vermont College, B.A, English
Vermont College of Fine Arts, Graduate work toward an MFA in writing


Copyblogger, August 2015 – Present


Please visit my copywriting website to see my marketer portfolio.

Click the links on this site to check out my articles and fiction writing.

Select Recommendations

“Erin and I worked on many projects together over the years and I am always impressed by the insight she has when writing a piece. She does her research and really understands the reader.”

Terrence Foulk, Web Developer, Marketing & Technology Director

“Toss Erin an idea and she’ll make magic out of it, whether you want a two-sentence juicy description or a researched, annotated article. Embodying the best of both analytical and creative worlds, Erin is a must-have writer to work with.”

Becky Benishek, Online Community & Collaboration Strategist & Manager

“Erin has the impressive ability to write engaging pieces that not only educate readers, they excite and inspire a community connection that is unique, unbiased, and true.”

Jason Mohr, Development Director