A Game You Can Play to Elevate the Way You See Reality

Driving home the other day, I asked the universe to show me someone awesome.

Specifically, I said, “Dear Universe, please show me someone who’s fucking awesome.”

Within three blocks, I was at a stoplight in front of a house I’d never noticed before. A little boy, about four years old, was out on his lawn in a pair of black underpants (briefs) with no shirt and a little yarmulke on his head. 

He was directing his older brother, who was about eight, on how to throw the ball to him so he could hit it with the tiny plastic bat he held in his hand. 

As he instructed his brother on the rules of his game, I noticed how excellent his posture was — how square and natural his shoulders were. He had that perfect posture that babies are born with, that perfect posture that children retain until they learn our bad habits. 

The way this little guy of four suns directed events as he went to bat in a pair of black underpants really amused me. He was indeed fucking awesome — for being four, for wearing just a pair of black underpants, and for having so much character. 

I hope you’ll play this game, asking the universe to show you something you’d like to see.

I wouldn’t like to see anyone older than perhaps eight wearing a pair of black underpants on their front lawn, but you know what I mean.

You may not see what you expect, but you’re likely to be cheered if you ask for something uplifting. 

For example, maybe you see too much illness, war, or hate.

Say to the universe, “Dear Universe, please show me peace.”

Then look around. Pretty quickly, perhaps on a very small scale, you’ll see, hear, or sense something ostensibly ordinary or slightly mystical — maybe a tree, a bird, a child, a song — that will stretch your perception with fresh awareness of the power of your intention and your attention.

Most people don’t work consciously with these, unaware that they can set intentions for what they want and direct their attention (and, in more practical applications, their effort) to its unfolding. Our society didn’t have the wisdom to teach us this.

But when you play with this magic and witness it working, you’ll see how wondrous it is that you actually can draw in goodnessNo, you can’t control everything, but yes, you can affect how you experience your reality.

But it’s not likely you’ll see the betterment you crave on TV or in a news article. Where you do see a glimmer is likely to be in a place that draws your attention away from the rampant negativity that loves to feed on the energy of your emotions.

I don’t think enough people realize the degree to which we’re at a turning point — one where there is uncommon opportunity for us to come together using our personal power to turn society around. 

I think there’s a lot of hope of returning to “normal.” Yet the “normal” we knew involved war, hate, division, destruction, pollution, poverty, control, greed, ignorance, and insane governments. The “new normal” has all that too so far, with more division, and a frightening trajectory.

We can do way better than that.

Our future is connected to where we direct our attention. There’s a great story that when imprisoned in a concentration camp, neurologist-psychiatrist Viktor Frankl visualized himself standing at a podium giving a lecture called “The Psychology of the Concentration Camp.” Once he was liberated, he stood at a podium delivering that lecture.

Our minds are immensely powerful because they’re connected to the mammoth, if not infinite universe. It’s our responsibility to use them well.

Research on the Maharishi Effect indicates that “if 1% of the population meditates, it produces measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole population.”

Will you be part of the one percent of the global population we need using the power of the mind to lift this planet up?

The first of the ancient Hermetic principles is The Universe Is Mind. An article on AnAntidoteTo Violence.com lists a slew of physicists who say the same. Here are two of many:

“The stuff of the world is mind-stuff.” 

Arthur Eddington, British astronomer and physicist

“I regard matter as derivative of consciousness.”

Max Planck, Nobel Prize-winning German physicist

When you routinely focus your attention on the ever-streaming torrent of bad news and rely primarily on outside sources to tell you what’s going on, you’re not using the power of your mind as well as you are when you consciously direct your attention to what you want and rely primarily on your inner wisdom for your highest truth

Play this game because it’s fun and we need you.

“Dear Universe, please show me [something good you want to see].” 

Then watch what happens.