What I Vote Into & Out of the World

Tonight, on election night, I’m building a fire, and on top of the logs I’m burning one stick for each thing I vote against in the world, such as:

War, corruption, manipulation, deception, double-dealing, propaganda, malfeasance, slander, libel, mudslinging, disillusionment, horror, gaslighting, insanity, hysteria, death threats, fear mongering, coercion, money laundering, fraud, genocide, infringements against sovereignty, medical disasters, conscious or unconscious ethical violations, iron grips, cruelty, arms manufacture, irresponsibility, untrustworthiness, laziness, doublethink, groupthink, Newspeak, disconnection, authoritarianism, greed, inauthenticity, close-mindedness, etc.

Then I’m telling the universe what I value and elect more of in the world, such as:

Love, peace, wisdom, sanity, sovereignty, truth (my truth and your truth), personal choice, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, care, wellbeing, safety, security, respect, service, kindness, humanity, decency, expanded awareness, spiritual connection, person-to-person connection, fairness, cooperation, open-mindedness, independence, creativity, beauty, honor, generosity, symbiosis, authenticity, tranquility, civility, courtesy, compassion, manners, grace, health, prosperity, patience, resilience, responsibility, free thought, free speech, freedom to love in your way, freedom to worship (or not) in your way, freedom from want, freedom from fear, etc.

This is how our ancestors did it. Wherever we come from. For some groups, practices like this stopped thousands of years ago. For others, it was more recent. At some point, all our ancestors worked with nature to call and release what does and does not belong in a healthy society.

What qualities are you voting in and out of your world?

Try this! Or adapt it in a way that suits you.