Thinkpol & the Slippery Slope

Some (hopefully) seed-planting words I posted on Facebook:

“So where’d you get your information from, huh?” is a little line from this classic song that I sing every day.

The amount of censorship, cancel culture, defaming, disrespect, close-mindedness, “fact checking,” deplatforming, and thinkpol I’ve seen in the last two years toward scientists doing science and critical thinkers doing critical thinking is disgraceful. My last straw with LinkedIn occurred last week when a rational doctor was deplatformed on that site.

I’m excited to be closing my Facebook account soon when I’m done collecting my photos. I look forward to seeing you on a sane new platform in the future. Haven’t looked for one yet, but I’m confident that if it doesn’t exist now, it will within the next couple years. Hopefully many will, and we’ll be beyond monopolies.

Our world is rife with insane turbulence, and the legacy media and social platforms are a colossal part of it.

But I believe that we each have opportunities to invoke and embody more acceptance, fairness, curiosity, progressiveness, open-mindedness, solidarity, and authentic humanitarianism than we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes.

Psychology professor Mattias Desmet is one of many brilliant people these days who shows us ways we can do that. May his insight help save the world.

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